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Terms and Conditions

Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys is an Eswatini based Tour Company. The Terms & Conditions of this agreement is governed by Swazi laws.
In accordance with the law, travel agencies must be able to document that they have drawn the attention of the consumer to all possible contingencies; the exact itinerary, all formalities and expenses, possible changes, and the terms of agreement must be very clear when the tour is booked (i.e. before you confirm your booking by paying a deposit).

Nota bene: It is important to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the terms of agreement before any tour. The terms of agreement consist of the following elements: Website information, including price list and itinerary; Booking confirmation, terms and conditions (as below stated), and practical travel information. We have standardised our terms and conditions relative to legislation. These terms and conditions must be seen in context with other relevant content of the terms of agreement as mentioned above.
Upon booking the traveller is obliged to carefully read and understand all relevant information and documents provided by Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys, as well as the terms and conditions below.

The Terms and Conditions on this page are applicable to all guests traveling or touring with Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys. A tour operator has the same responsibilities as the guest in terms of payment and cancellation. Payment of the deposit is considered an acceptance of the terms and conditions. It is the guest’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions.

Booking a tour with Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys can be done over the phone (+268 7632 6517) or by e-mail: res@rootsandjourneys.com. After the booking request you will receive an email with information request and deposit payment details. Payment of the deposit is considered as an accept of the written and/or in brochure/poster or on our website given information, as well as the terms and conditions.

The deposit is 25% of the total tours’ cost unless anything else is stated on the individual tour. (Day tours are always paid in full upon booking). The deposit is payable no later than 7 days after receiving the confirmation email. Has the deposit not been paid by the agreed date, the agreement will be cancelled.
The remaining amount is payable no later than 8 weeks before departure, unless otherwise stated on the booking confirmation. Has the remaining amount not been paid on time, Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys has the right to cancel the booking. The deposit will then be forfeit. You can pay bank transfer only (Bank details will provided upon booking).
Please remember to add booking code to your transfer. You will receive a tour confirmation upon payment. When booking later than 8 weeks before departure the full amount is payable immediately.

A booking is considered confirmed when Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys sends written confirmation to the guest or agent confirming the booking.

Changing a departure date is considered a cancellation and a new booking. However, changes requested before 8 weeks prior to departure (or the date given for the remaining payment), can be amendded on the original booking. All changes are subject to a US$200 fee per person.
Bear in mind that most airlines do not allow changes.

Handover of a tour is possible, however Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys must be informed and agree with the handover no later than a month prior to departure. The guest must contact Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys and hand over the required information for a new booking. Handovers are subject to a US$100 fee per guest.

If the tour is cancelled by the guest prior to 8 weeks (or the date given for the remaining payment) prior to departure the deposit will not be reimbursed. With cancellations within 8 weeks-18 days prior to departure a handling fee of 75% of the tour cost will be charged. In the event of cancellation 1-17 days prior to departure the guest has no claim to reimbursement.
The above applies when nothing else is stated.

In order to participate in any of Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours a comprehensive insurance is mandatory. The travel insurance should cover guest cancellation due to acute illness or death of yourself, a spouse/partner, children, parents, parent in-laws, children in-law, grandchildren, siblings, grandparents, or travel partners.
It is the guest’s responsibility to acquire the appropriate travel insurance.

Should war or civil unrest or strikes or natural disasters or life-threatening epidemics break out, or similar events which would prevent the planned tour occur within 2 weeks prior to departure, Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys reserves the right to cover costs already paid, but the rest of the cost will be reimbursed to the traveller. The is on the conditions that relevant authorities directly advise against travelling to the specific destination. Reimbursement does not apply if the traveller was aware of the situation when booking or if the situation is common knowledge or if information of the situation was readily available.
In the event that such a situation should occur after departure, the guest is responsible for further actions, i.e. expenses for accommodation and further transport. (The guest’s travel insurance should cover in such an event).

CANCELLATION BY Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys
Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys reserves the right to cancel any trip, where the minimum number of participants is not met (this will vary depending on tour). If possible, the tour will be offered as an individual tour — usually at a higher cost. In case of cancellation the guest will be notified no later than 2 weeks prior to departure. Besides reimbursement of the full amount there will be no other compensation.

Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys reserves the right to — without warning — makes changes to the itinerary, including changes in accommodation and transport (of similar standard to the booked). Changes to the itinerary do not entitle the guest to any type of compensation.

In order to participate in any of Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours a comprehensive travel insurance is mandatory. This is of paramount importance regarding transport in case of illness as well as home transportation, etc. Your public health care insurance doesn’t normally cover this. All guests are responsible to acquire appropriate insurance cover themselves. Check with your insurance provider or contact a travel insurance provider. Participation on Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys tours presumes responsible and considerate behaviour, and you are at all times expected to comply with the directions of the Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys and its representatives.
Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours are considered not-non-dangerous nature and it is thus the guest’s responsibility to acquire the appropriate insurance cover. Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys cannot be held responsible or loss, damage to people or things, or death by participation in Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours.

If the guest fails to cancel the tour and/or does the guest not show up at the set time and date, or the guest is unable to start or complete the tour due to lack of proper documents, such as valid passport, required visas and vaccinations, etc., Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys reserves the right to charge the full amount for the tour with no compensation. If the guest does not make use of services provided, there will be no compensation for these.
If the traveller fails to show at the departure, the guest looses his/her right to participate in the booked tour, no compensation will be granted. Should the guest decide to not participate in certain stretches of the tour he/she will loose the right to participate in the rest of the tour, unless anything else has been agreed with and approved by Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys.

In accordance with legislation, tour operators may raise the agreed upon price as a result of increased transport costs (including rising fuel prices), altered taxes, tariffs, and fees, as well as fluctuating exchange rates or other events that could not be planned for.

Your passport should be valid at least 6 months after return to your home country. We always recommend to bring your passport. It is the guest’s responsibility to check the current visa demands on the destinations visited on the tour. Likewise it is the guest’s responsibility to check current demands on vaccinations. This can be done by contacting your GP or the embassies of the countries in question.
Should the guest require daily medication, it is the guest’s responsibility to acquire the official paperwork to carry the medicine across borders.

On Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours we expect a gennerally good fitness level of the guests. We climb (hike) smaller mountains and walk long stretches (at a comfortable pace with lots of breaks). Guests are also expected to carry their own backpacks (up to 17 kilograms), when we are on wilderness trail in Kruger. It is the guest’s responsibility to be physically fit enough to participate in the tour. Should a guest hinder activities for other guests, this guest can be excluded from participation in the remaining activities. This will be assessed and put into effect by Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ guides on the destination.
In terms of health it is the guest’s responsibility to bring sufficient medication (do not expect to be able to buy it on the destination). Speak to your GP before departure. The same applies for vaccinations — they must be up to date and of the right nature in accordance with the destination and general advise from your GP.
Ironic illnesses shall be known to Dust and Boots before departure, confer the  signed health report (All health related issues are confidential and will only be used in case of emergency).
Should a guest become ill or suffer an accident or anything that prevent the guest in participating in activities or the rest of the tour, there will be no compensation from Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys. We refer to the individual travel insurance.

On Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours children under the age of 15 years are not permitted. This is a safety precaution in relation to hiking in areas with big game. Young people between ages 15 and 18 need a written permission from their parents or legal guardians in the event that they travel alone.
People aged 65 years or older need a medical clearance from their GP (documenting their health and fitness, and that they do not belong to any group of risk in relation to participating in a hiking tour of sporty nature). This medical clearance should be completed in English.

The guests is required to ensure that their passport is valid and that their vaccinations are up to date and appropriate. The guest is also responsible for checking that all documents received from Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys are in alignment with the ordered product, and if not inform Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys immediately.
It is the guest’s responsibility to read and understand all information sent to the guest, stated in terms and conditions, and on the website.
At any time it is the guest’s responsibility to participate in Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tour. Likewise it is the guest’ responsibility to follow the directions that Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys (or our representatives)  give during the tour. This is applicable on the whole tour, but especially when walking in areas with dangerous game. It is also the guest’s responsibility to carry themselves in a manner, which is not offensive to other guests, our partners, the local communities, and Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ staff. Should a guest fail to comply with the above exclusion from the rest of the tour will follow. The guest will not be compensated for the remainder of the tour and will be responsible for his/her own situation hereafter.

Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ RESPONSIBILITY
Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys reserve the right not to be held liable to misprints and changes to the price of the tours due to changes in local costs.
Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys do not accept responsibility for damage, changes, accidents, delays, etc, as a consequence of breach of contract, strikes, weather, or conditions that Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys cannot control.
Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys will in certain cases pass personal information to third party: this only applies in connection with implementation of the booked tour. Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys will always store and treat personal information with discretion and confidentiality.

Complaints of faults and mistakes on tour shall be diverted to Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys or a local representative of Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys, as soon as the fault is discovered, so that Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys may try to remedy the fault. Lack of complaint on the destination will usually cause the loss of right to later claims. However, if Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys, or a local representative of Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys, has acted grossly negligently or against common integrity the guest has a right to complain after the tour.
Complaints or claims or demand of compensation must be submitted in writing no later than 8 days after end of the Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys tour. Complaints are emailed directly to Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ director and chief guide on marie@dustandboots.com.

Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys reserves the right to utilise photos and videos captured in connection with a tour for marketing purposes. Is a guest not willing to appear on marketing material, Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys require a written notification thereof prior to departure.

At the moment there are no known taxes and fees in connection with Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys’ tours. However, the individual countries can change or introduce taxes and fees at very short notice.

Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys is not involved with booking of flights, so this is solely the guest’s responsibility. It is also the guest’s responsibility to make sure that the flight is suitable with the tour (i.e. arrival and departure times).
Be aware that is of utmost importance that the guest name on the passport and the plane ticket are identical. Make sure that this information in double-checked.
Should the guest be delayed due to flights, it is the guest’s responsibility to catch up to the tour. Dust and Boots’ tours will commence on the time stated in the programme. No compensation will be given for the lost time/activities/other.
Dust & Boots/Roots & Journeys will do their utmost (without compromising other guests) to make sure that guests can participate in the tour.