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2018 News

Every year we update our tours to make them even better. We are busy with the updates at the moment, and we promise 2018 will offer some of the best tours yet. We are expanding both the exclusive adventure and the best of Swaziland — It’s going to be adventurous and exciting!

If you are based in Northern Europe, you can come and visit us at the “Ferie For Alle” travel show in Herning, Denmark, where we will give a presentation on hiking in Southern Africa. (Dates: 23-25th of Feb 2018)

The first week of 2018 we set out to explore one of our favourite destinations in Swaziland: Malolotja Nature Reserve. This stunning highveld reserve borders South Africa with rolling hills and high peaks. Game is abundant and we were extremely lucky to spot some of the rare white tailed gnus, as well as the enormous elands roaming in large herds across the plains.

We are scouting for more scenic routes in this magnificent reserve, so our guests will be presented with the best of the best trails during their visit to Malolotja.

We would like to thank all of our partners and guests for a fruitful year of hiking and touring. It’s been a blast and we cannot wait to go further and farther with you guys again next year.

We are busy updating all of our tours at the moment. We have decided to extend both the Exclusive Adventure and The Best of Swaziland, as our guests have expressed a wish to see more and stay longer in some places. We hear you and completely agree — we all need more of the beautiful Kingdom.

Here’s to a HAPPY HIKING New Year — 2018 we are ready and excited!

We have had a visit from some Danish teachers, who wanted to develop a tour combining visits and knowledge sharing between teachers in Denmark and Swaziland with a hiking tour in Swaziland. They spent a couple of days with the schools and just over a week with us (Dust and Boots) to explore various options.

This first tour went really well and we have established contact to a couple of local schools with teachers keen to participate in the exchange. Are you a teacher and would like to participate in one of the upcoming tours? (Expected in July 2017 and February 2018) Send us an email today to inquire further: info@dustandboots.com

The highlight from this month has to be the full moon walk we did on top of Sibebe Rock. We began the hike in the afternoon bringing with us lots of snacks and drinks to make the event festive. We made it onto the plateau in time to enjoy an incredible sunset over Pine Valley (just out side the capital of Mbabane). While we were busy organising drinks and taking pictures of the ever changing colours highlighted a few scattered clouds, someone noticed the rising moon in the exact opposite of the sunset. What an incredible thing to witness. As the moon rose, so did our spirits: Dancing, cheering and laughter reached new levels.
The full moon granted us enough light to guide us safely back down from the mountain. This was the second time, I’d spent a full moon walking on top of Sibebe, but it will definitely not be the last. Perhaps we should consider creating a full moon walk as part of our tours?!

Swaziland is lush and green due to good rainfall in the last few months (and there’s still more to come). We are fully booked in February and look forward to showing our guests all the splendours of the beautiful kingdom this time of year. Our February guests will be sleeping in caves and some of the many quaint lodges, while exploring the highveld, as well as the lowveld. Keep an eye on our Facebook account for pictures and updates.

 Dust and Boots would like to take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY New Year. We hope that all you hiking dreams will come true in 2017.
Should you need inspiration for this years travels, we recommend starting here: www.dustandboots.com/tours/


— HAPPY HIKING from all of us at Dust and Boots —

We are really excited to return to the travel show for quality travel in Copenhagen, Denmark. We were there last year and met the most incredible people, not only in the industry, but also all the people with a heart for adventure. We cannot wait to reconnect and share ideas and destinations.
As always we will be promoting our beautiful kingdom of Swaziland, this year with the great people at Africa Tours, a well renowned Danish tour company, whom we have partnered with on a permanent basis.
We are excited to share our news — Hope to see you there!

This time of year is always a bit different, when you live in the southern hemisphere. In Europe people are busy with Christmas shopping and family get togethers. Here in Swaziland the traditional ceremonies are the priority. The local Incwala ceremony is keeping the country’s young warriors busy with the ceremony of the first fruits. The ceremony lasts approx 1 – 1,5 months, where you see the young warriors roaming the country in their traditional gear.
Although Santa’s and Christmas carols are present in all the supermarkets from midt October, Christmas is not as widespread a tradition as we know it from Europe. Dust and Boots will also be spending a somewhat different Christmas Eve, as we will be hosting a group of Norwegians who have chosen to spend Christmas Eve in an old bushman cave on the side of a mountain in a nature reserve. We are excited to see if Santa will find his way there with some presents and treats…

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our guests and partners a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

 We are back in Swaziland after a successful travel show in Copenhagen. We are so grateful for the reception we got at the show — so much positive feedback and interest. THANK YOU! We look forward to welcoming lots of new guests in 2017.

Here in Swaziland the temperatures are rising and the rain has returned (after a two-year drought period). The landscape is once again turning lush and green — a strong contrast to the red earth on the roads criss-crossing the country. The birds have returned from wintering in Europe and the males are displaying a vast array of colours to impress the females (and us). This is such a beautiful time of year!

We still have two tours this year: “the Best of Swaziland” — departure dates: Nov 5th and Dec 10th. — Read more HERE

Dust and Boots will be present at a travel show in Copenhagen, Denmark this month. The travel show is focused on quality travels and tours all over the world, and we are really proud to be a part of the companies profiled at this big annual event.
Did you know that most of our guests are from Denmark? That’s why you find a little Danish flag at the bottom of the website — linking to our Danish website.

We have started our day tours and short tours in Swaziland with great response from guests.

Did you know that we customise tours to fit your timeframe and wishes for activities in the beautiful kingdom? Contact us today for a package that works for you and your family — Click Here

Welcome to our brand-new website – the whole site has had a major overhaul and been completely revamped with lots of new photos, new tours and lots more information. We hope you like it.
We have added three new tours that will be on offer in 2017: The Whale Trail, Namibia & Botswana, and Fish River Canyon. The tours are being written up at the moment and we can’t wait to present them to you.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page — CLICK HERE — Follow all of our current updates and read all the information we share there…

Our Swaziland focus tour “The Best of Swaziland” has been updated and upgraded to be even better than before. One of the new additions is a visit to Mkhaya Game Reserve. Mkhaya is a really interesting lowveld nature reserve, where the accommodation and the experiences are out of the ordinary. We have also added a night in a cave in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, where we sleep out in the open. But fear not — there will be plenty comforts, including blazing fire and home cooked meals, as well as very comfortable sleeping arrangements. We look forward to welcoming you on this trip — Read more about the set departures and see more of the exciting programme here: The Best of Swaziland.

(2016 Departures: October 29th, November 12th, and December 3rd.)

The hiking season is in full swing and we are busy with tours at the moment. The weather this time of year is just the perfect hiking weather; clear, cool days with lots of sunshine — What’s not to love?
We are also busy updating some of our tours and adding new destinations in Southern Africa. We are particularly excited about upcoming tours in Namibia and Botswana — We have been testing out options, and you can start getting excited too.
(The new tours will feature in our 2017 programme, which will be available by end of July, so stay tuned and flick through our tours page — click here).

Travel inspirations:

“Broad wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corners of the Earth all of one’s lifetime” — Mark Twain

We are off exploring this month — new destinations outside Swazi borders are calling, and we must answer! Keep an eye on this site, as we will soon reveal where you next hiking holiday will go!

Travellers from all over the world have been going on safaris for decades (the pioneers even started centuries ago), but it is still only few who ave experienced the great thrill of a safari on foot. The word Safari originates from the Arabs and was translated into KiSwhili, and simply means to travel. The word was frequently used by the big game hunters in East Africa, where it came to mean  hunting big game in their natural environment. This often happened in remote areas and quite often on foot. Today most people associate the word with Africa and taking pictures from a open Jeep-like vehicle. Safari has become commercialised and a comfortable holiday for tourists.
At Dust and Boots we are reverting to old times, and “hunt” big game and nature experiences in the wild. Like the hunter, who has to understand his quest on a deeper level in order to hunt it, we seek to understand the natural world around us. By engaging in slow pace travel we have time to track spoor and deviate off the path to follow them, or stop and smell the roses. Hiking is the way we safari — Come join us and see for yourself.

Have you begun thinking about what your next holiday destination is? Active holidays are quickly gaining momentum and many people opt for a alternative way of travel, rather than the beaten track. At Dust and Boots we take great pride in doing tours in a different way. We offer slow pace tours that allow your senses to keep up, as well as learning about nature, environment and culture.
Everyday life has a tendency pass by at a hectic pace; There is so much to keep up with that we lose track of ourselves. This is one reason why travellers seek towards slow pace tours, such a hiking tours. On our hikes there are no beeping alarms and we adjust the program to the day before us. Dust and Boots’ tours are planned, so that there is time to stop and pause. This is possible because we only cater to small groups, where individual attention is in focus. Your needs and your holiday experience is our main concern.
Join us on our best-selling tour Exclusive Adventure in Swaziland and South Africa, and see for yourself how your all senses will be tested, while at the same time your batteries will be fully charged. Read more here.

The rainy season has started in Swaziland, which means an increase in temperatures — 35-40 degrees the last many days, and the first tropical storms have had their say. We are still in great need of more rain though. Water for the mountain grasslands, water for the nearly empty reservoirs, and of course water for all the animals (wild and domestic) and people around the country. All of us are thirsting for rain.
The lowveld is bone-dry and fires are spreading with the speed of lightning. Often they are indeed caused by lightening from the thunder clouds that carries the vital rain. Although the fires can seem devastating, it is important to remember that they are also part of the natural cycle this time of year. Sometimes you need to get rid of the old, in order to let the new grow and flourish, and the ashes are a great source of nutrition ofr the soils. It is paramount that the rain succeeds the fires, so that new life can begin to sprout once again. We look to the sky and we hope, we hope!

We have just sent this season’s last guests home, and it was an almost teary goodbye when their took off at the airport. Naturally, we will not stop hiking, just because the rainy season is on its way. We will spend the month before next year’s season exploring and researching new and exciting trip to make our tours even better.
Our first research trip will go to the Cape region of South Africa, where a 5-day hike on the coast awaits. It’s been said that it is whale season, so we will see if we can spot any of the giants of the sea. Keep up to date on our going ons on facebook — Click Here 

We are currently running a special on the season’s last Exclusive Adventure tour — Departure September 1st 2015. You save € 670 per person. (Only two spots left — So book Now! — Read more here)
We have has a brilliant season with lots of priceless experiences for our guests. We like to finish off in style, so this last tour will of course be the best one yet.

It is peak season for our best-selling tour Exclusive Adventure. Our guests have really enjoyed Swaziland and South Africa, and several have commented that especially the wilderness trail has made a big impression.
We are excited to be welcoming more guests in August and September.
(Check out our Facebook page for photos and updates from our trips — Click Here

Winter is here!! The nights are getting colder, and the rain has stopped. Yay! Day time temperatures are once again perfect for long hiking tours. The winter colours have begun appearing — golden hues and burnt orange as far as the eye can see. A sight that must be seen!
We are running a special on the last three Exclusive Adventure tours this season — you save € 270 per person by booking now!

Our main market is in Denmark and we are busy planning a trip there to spread the word about hiking in Swaziland. We are very excited to be working with various associations and marketeers in the region. And we look forward to welcoming many more Danes in this part of the world in the years to come.
(Our director is Danish — and thus has a strong affiliation to the country).

Dust and Boots is planning our first hiking tour in association with the Danish hiking association, Dansk Vandrelaug in Juli 2015. The tours is exclusively for the associations’ members and we therefore refer you to their website to sign up on this particular tour: KLIK HER for et direkte link til DVLs hjemmeside (in Danish) Or read this pdf file: DVL program juli’15 (also in Danish)

— Dust and Boots would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year —

We ended 2014 with a great hiking trip to South Africa’s Blyde river Canyon. The mountains are a part of the Drakens Berg — a mountain range spreading thousands of kilometeres in South Africa. We hiked along the great dam in the middle of the canyon — a formidable trek in rough terrain and high temperatures. Along the dam and along the Blyde River we saw some of the wildlife inhabiting the area; grey duikers, bushbuck, and kudus. Lots of interesting birds from the very smallest to great eagles soaring high above us. The fish eagles were there as well — playing with our senses as we tried figuring out which direction their distinct call came from. The hippos were snuggly lined up in the water — they stick to the shallow parts of the dam, as they cannot swim. Loud grunts were uttered, when we ventured too close. Up in the hills we found their dropping, a truly remarkable feat for a big animal like that to move up so high during their nightly grazing escapades. I’ve never though of hippos as great mountaineers, but then again I’m constantly surprised by the natural world and all its wonders.
Check out images and more stories from the trip on our Facebook page: Click Here

This month we have visited nearly all of the protected areas in Swaziland, we will visit the rest in December. We are helping out with a study on the effectiveness of protected areas, while we are always on the look out for new and interesting hiking routes. A couple of new destinations have already been scoped out. We are very excited to add them to next years tours.
Keep track on us on Facebook, where we upload images and little stories: Click Here

Hidden away in the Lubombo mountains lies a secret trails and natural wonders just waiting to be explored. The Lubombos form the boundary with Mozambique and tower above the Swazi lowveld. An international team with Swazis in the lead are busy developing a whole trail system, where one can hike from one outpost to the next. Dust and Boots has been invited to be a partner, and will be doing several of the stretches to help develop the concept. This could be a great addition to the Swaziland tourism scene, and we are happy to be a part of the project.
We recently did a three-day hike in the area — You can read our blog post about it called: Hikers in the Mist.

Two new blog posts have been uploaded — Find them on our blog page 🙂
Both came from a recent trip to Kruger, where we tried a slag-packing option in the wilderness. It will not feature in our tour programme, but it was still an interesting experience. You can read all about it in the two blogs. (One post was written in relation to World Rhino Day on Sept. 22nd)

Dust and Boots have been active on Facebook from the end of july 2014. We strive to create a page, where we share knowledge and news of hiking relevans, as well as intersting stories, quotes, and photos from this part of the world. The apple of our eye will alway be Swaziland, so you will also see many updates from here. Click Here for a link to our Facebook page
We hope that you will give us a like and participate on our page and help spread the word of Dust and Boots and what we do. Our message will always be Leaving Positive Footprints.

We are working hard to create our website to offer you hiking tours in Southern Africa.