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Here you will find blog posts of personal and up close account of what it is like to be on tour with Dust and Boots or hiking in Southern Africa. Read through the posts and be inspired for your next adventure with us – be careful though; adventure is addictive! Don’t miss any news – follow us on Facebook and get all the latest updates, Click Here!

Makuleke Wilderness Trail

by Marie Dahl (May 2014) When you tell people about what you’re about to do – walk among the wild animals in the African bush for 6 days with everything that you need on your back – you get a lot of different responses; Some are outraged and think that you will most likely be killed by a wild animal …

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Sweni and the Lions

by Marie Dahl (September 2014) So this morning I was lying in bed thinking about how to approach this post. While thinking of opening lines, I just happened to fall back into sleep and had an interesting dream about a big male lion chasing down a vehicle with me and a guide in it. The guide was not faced about …

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Hikers in the Mist

by Marie Dahl (October 2014) One a Friday morning in October six bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hikers took off towards the Lubombo Mountains in Swaziland. We left central Swaziland and began the haul down towards the lowveld – we had about an hours drive ahead of us. It was drizzling and threatening to rain properly, when we left the Ezulwini Valley; …

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Thoughts on World Rhino Day 2014

by Marie Dahl (September 22nd 2014) South Africa is one of the last strongholds for the African rhinos. The country has the largest population of rhinos anywhere in the world, but the rhinos are in grave danger of extinction – once again! I have had the privilege of visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa on a regular basis …

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Friends on the Mountain

by Marie Dahl (June 2014) It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. I had decided to finish work early to go sort out some GPS coordinates for a hike I wanted to add to Dust and Boots’ repertoire. As I signed into the logbook at the starting point, I noticed that no one had been up on the trail for days. …

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The missing Hills of my Youth

By Marie Dahl (August 2014) There’s something about a change of perspective that never gets old. Viewing the same things, but in a different light or from a different angle. It’s like your mind is playing games with you – you know that what you are looking at is the exact same as you have looked at before, but you …

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